Result Bharat Latest

Result Bharat Latest

Bihar Board 10th Result 2020: Bihar Board Matric Result Released, Thus Easy Online Check Results


The Bihar School Education Board today released the matriculation results. Students will also be able to check the results on  the official website of Bihar Board at 12.30 pm. Like Inter, the Bihar board is not holding any press conference for the result of matriculation. The results are being released online. Therefore, students will also be able to check easily through their roll number on mobile and computer. You have to register to check the results on live Hindustan.

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Live Hindustan will send an SMS to the registration students and students can easily check their result. Like last year, the Bihar board’s results are expected to be good this year too. According to board sources, the result will be more than 85 per cent this time. Last time, the result was 80.73 per cent. This time the result will benefit the students with 20 per cent additional choice questions. This may increase the pass percentage of the result.

This time the Corona virus lockdown had spoiled the full schedule of declaring the Bihar board results and evaluating it. The results were also delayed due to delay due to evaluation of the copies. The Bihar board matriculation results were already released on 24th March.

The impact of corona on the toppers ‘ interview was also evident in the corona’s interview after the Bihar matriculation evaluation. According to reports, there was no physical verification of the toppers like every time. Questions were asked online from the matriculation toppers of the Bihar board. About 100 students who brought the highest marks were interviewed before making the merit list.

Grace Marks Policy
The Bihar board has adopted a policy of giving grace marks to improve the pass percentage. According to this, if a student fails by 8 per cent or less in one subject or 4-4 per cent and less in two subjects, he is promoted to the next class by giving a grace number. If a student achieves a total of 75 percentage points (aggregate) and fails less than 10 per cent in one subject, he is declared a pass.

A total of 15.29 lakh students were involved in the Bihar Board matriculation this year. There were 7.83 lakh girls. The Bihar board matriculation examinations were held between 17th February to 24th February. Last year (2019) the results of matriculation came on April 6. 80.73 per cent students were nearby. A total of 68.89 per cent students passed the Bihar Board Matric 2018 exam. Last year, the result was much better. In 2019, about 12 per cent of the sdutens were more nearby. Sawan Raj Bharti of Sialtala topped the Bihar board in 10th. The first 5 ranked 8 students belonged to Sialtala. In the top 10 students, all the students except two belonged to Sialtala.



Bihar Board 10th Result 2020: Parents of students keep these things in mind before result


Bihar Board of School Examination (BSEB) Tuesday at 12:30 pm Bihar Board 10th Result/ 10th Result Bihar Board is going to declare matriculation result 2020 (Bihar 10th result 2020). The students who have given the examination will be able to see their results  the official website of the Bihar board and on the The board examination is an important milestone for every student. When the result is going to be declared, students take stress. Students are advised to trust themselves and do not take stress at all. Parents should also not put pressure on children before and after the results.

In addition, you will also be able to see the result of the tenth of Bihar by clicking on this link on live Hindustan.

Listen to the children, take note of what they want to say, not on words, but their feelings. Parents try not to put their hopes on children, just stay with them. Before the result, keep an atmosphere of happiness in the house, behave with the child so that they trust you. Explain to them that no examination is final. In life, we get many places, many opportunities. If you do this, the children will listen to you and avoid the stress before and after the result.

Chance of passing more than 85 per cent

As bihar board sources, this time Bihar board 10th result 2020 (Bihar board 10th result 2020) will be more than 85 per cent. Last time, the result was 80.73 per cent. In this year’s result, students will benefit from questions with 20 per cent additional choice, which may increase the percentage of the result. For the first time in matriculation 2020, 20 per cent additional options were received by the students in objective questions in all subjects. That means, there were 60 objective questions in the 100-digit examination. Of these, 50 questions were answered by the students. The benefit will also be visible in this time’s result. The question of 20 per cent additional option facilitated the students to answer the objective question. As sources, this time it is likely to pass up to 85 per cent. It may be known that 80.73% of students passed out in 2019.

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