Bihar Board 10th Result 2019

Bihar Board 10th Result 2019


Bihar Board 10th Result 2019: Candidates upset over rumours of Bihar Board Matric Result on Tuesday


Bihar Board 10th Result 2019 Rumours were flying on Tuesday over the matriculation result of bihar board. The results were reported to have been released on social sites since Tuesday morning. As the Bihar board officials say, the result will be released in a day or two. Not only that, many social sites also tried to spread rumours by releasing a list of toppers.

The list of toppers being shared on social sites was 2019. Such fake viral of social sites disturbed the bihar board’s matriculation candidates. As the Bihar board believes, the result will take a couple of days now. The result will be informed by the Bihar board in time. The board says it will be officially informed.

The board’s formula said that there will be no press conference to declare the results of matriculation like inter. The media will be informed of the announcement of the results through press release.


Let me tell you that the evaluation of the matriculation copies of the Bihar board has already been over. Now the board is only engaged in the process of result. It is reported that the verification of half of the toppers on Monday has almost been completed. This time the evaluation of matriculation copies was delayed by one and a half months due to corona virus lockdown. If the bihar board’s earlier schedule was to work, the results would have been released in March, April itself. The board had released the inter-results on March 24.



BSEB Bihar Board 10th result 2020

BSEB Bihar Board 10th result 2020: Last year was good result of matriculation, what will be the result this time

Bihar School Education Board (BSEB) Bihar Board is gearing up for release of matriculation results. This time, how do the Bihar board matriculation results? About 15 lakh students were involved in the Bihar board this year. Last year, the results of matriculation 2019 were very good from 2018. The percentage of students was good. This time also, the pass percentage is expected to increase. As bihar board sources say, the results will be released in a couple of days.


BSEB Bihar Board 10th result 2020

Bihar Board 10th Result 2020: Bihar Board 10th Results Soon, Register Here To Get Result Alert

Last year, 80.73 per cent students passed the Bihar Board matriculation. Sawan Raj Bharti of Sialtala topped the Bihar board in 10th. In 2018, a total of 68.89 per cent students passed the Bihar Board matriculation. Talking about the number of students, 16 lakh 60 thousand candidates were involved in the matriculation annual examination 2019 of bihar board. More than 17 lakh students participated in the matriculation examination for the year 2018. The matriculation results were announced on 26th June due to irregularities in the OMR sheet in 2018.

Bihar Board 10th Result 2019: Candidates upset over rumours of Bihar Board Matric Result on Tuesday

Let me tell you that the evaluation of the matriculation copies of the Bihar board has already been over. Now the board is only engaged in the process of result. It is reported that the verification of half of the toppers on Monday has almost been completed. This time the evaluation of matriculation copies was delayed by one and a half months due to corona virus lockdown. If the bihar board’s earlier schedule was to work, the results would have been released in March, April itself. The board had released the inter-results on March 24.

Result of Last Two Years
Result of 2018
First Class 1 lakh 89 thousand 326
Second Class 6 lakh 63 thousand 884
3rd Class 3 lakh 55 thousand 103

Result of 2019
First Class 2 lakh 90 thousand 666
Second Class 5 lakh 56 thousand 131
3rd Class 4 lakh 54 thousand 450

Bihar Board 10th Result 2020

Bihar Board 10th Result 2020

Bihar Board 10th Result 2020: Bihar Board 10th Results Soon, Register Here To Get Result Alert Bihar School Education Board (BSEB Bihar Matric Board result 2020) can release the result of matriculation on any day. For this, the Bihar board is engaged in the result. Like the Bihar board Inter, there will be no press conference for the results of matriculation. The results of Bihar board matriculation will also be released online.


The Bihar board will give official information before releasing the result, after which the results will be released. Let me tell you that the results of the Bihar board matriculation were delayed due to corona virus lockdown. The Bihar board was able to delay the evaluation of the matriculation copies due to the down. Nevertheless, the Bihar board is declaring the results before other boards like CBSE and up board. Apart from the official website of Bihar board, students will also be able to check the results on live Hindustan. For this you will have to register by going to bihar Matric Board result 2020 alert first, click for registration. When the result is declared after registration, live Hindustan will send you a result alert.


Released on 24 March 2020 12th Results The Bihar board had declared the 12th results in a very short time this year also. Were released within a mere 40, including the Nagete examination issued on 24th March. In the corona virus crisis and lockdown, the Bihar board has almost completed preparations for the release of the tenth result in the time when the other board is not getting any shortcuts.

This year, an aggregate of 12, 04834 understudies were associated with the transitional yearly assessment, out of which 6, 56301 understudies and 5, 48533 young ladies were included. The assessment was directed at 1283 focuses in the state. This time, 80.44 percent of the understudies in trade, science, expressions streams have passed, while 79.76 percent spent a year ago. Neha Kumari finished off the science staff with a sum of 476 focuses (95.2 percent). In the trade stream, Kausar Fatima and Sudhanshu Narayan Chaudhary bested the complete by 476 (95.2 percent). In Arts, Sakya Kumari beat 474 focuses (94.80 percent).

How to Career Tips For jobs Market Most Important Thinking For jobs

How to Career Tips For jobs Market Most Important Thinking For jobs

How to Career Tips For jobs Market Most Important Thinking For jobs – Career Resume Consulting and today I’d like to talk about how to get a job created for you from scratch. Meaning, didn’t exist before and you actually talked yourself into something that would be absolutely perfect because it uses all of your strengths. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today and I actually made aquick diagram to explain how you get into that hidden job market that you always hear about. You don’t even know what it is. You don’t know how to get to itunless you actually like know somebody who can get you and make an introduction for you into a job or into a hiring manager.


So I want to talk abouthow to get a job created for you from scratch. Reason being that a surprisingnumber of our clients get jobs created for them. It happens all the timeactually and it’s because of timing. So let me show you the diagram that I puttogether for you today. So I’d quickly like to go over this pretty rudimentarydiagram of how you get into the hidden job market and when you think about thehidden job market it’s really any kind of creation of a position or filling ofa position where it’s not posted online. So when you think about the timeline ofwhat happens in a cycle of from the beginning of a pain point to the actualhiring there’s a lot of months that happen that for instance between thepain point actually happening and the identification of the pain point andthen there’s a few months that go by before they decideto actually hire and this is going to be the decision maker or the hiring managerand then it takes time for the hiring manager to coordinate with HR and all ofthe other stakeholders and actually take an action to hire and then there’s a fewweeks that HR works on it in order to create a public posting and then it endsup in about 2 to 16 weeks of a public hiring taking place.


So when you look atthis diagram and feel free to pause the video and really look at this in detail.What you’re talking about in getting into the hidden job market isreally nothing more than approaching a decision maker between the time thatthere is a pain point that develops and then the public posting so there’s a lotof months there that go by that you can get into talking with a decision makerprior to there being lots of competitors so again pause this if you have if youwant to look into it in more detail now you’re probably wondering, okay, howdo I do that? Well I’ll give you one secret and and that is you can useLinkedIn. A lot of things are happening on LinkedIn. As a matter of fact thelatest numbers that I’ve seen are seventy five percent of employers andninety-four percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as their exclusive form offinding their next executive talent. In other words you’ve got to have a greatrobust LinkedIn profile in order to be seen by executive recruiters and andeven hiring managers and by hiring managers I mean decision makers peoplethat could actually create a position because they’re looking for somebodylike you. You’ve got to be seen so you’ve got to have a robust LinkedIn profile.


That’s the first thing but you can proactively do a search on LinkedIn forthe type of company that you want to work for, the type of hiring manager oror decision maker that you would be looking for. In other words the personthat would be your boss inside the type of company that you would want to workfor. Now we actually have a program where we’ve got this on somewhat of anautopilot where it actually connects with up to hundreds of people even perday and so you can really build a large database or a large connection networkof hiring managers decision-makers in a short amount of time.If you’re interested in that I will leave all of our contact information atthe description and also in the first part of the comments. So feel free toreach out to me or our our main line and and I can have a coach talk to youpersonally about that service. But it’s something that you can also do byyourself if you wanted to try it out by yourself. But keep in mind you have tohave a great message online, in other words, on your LinkedInprofile.


If you’re gonna try to connect with someone you’ve got to be attractiveto them from the very beginning that very first glance that they look at youand they spend a couple of seconds looking at your picture, your beautifulpicture, your name and then your job title underneath. Now what I recommendto do in order to capture their attention, change that job title to a valueproposition statement. You can do this even if you are fully employed right nowand what I mean by a value proposition statement is, instead of Director ofOperations, perhaps it’s saving market leading companies millions of dollarsper year through smart process improvement. Maybe that’s what you’reknown for as a director of operations or a VP of Operations even. So think aboutgoing back to positioning yourself, think about how you would position yourself ata first glance with someone and what would you say to them if you had one sentence to sum up what you do better than anyone else. So put that on yourLinkedIn profile.


I think you will find that you will get more attention fromthe hidden job market and when you’re going after the hidden job marketproactively you’ll get more attention as well. Alright, I hope this has helpedyou and if you like what you heard consider subscribing. If you loved whatyou heard give me a thumbs up I’d love to see those and of course I would loveto hear about your success if you use this technique and it works for youbecause it’s worked for our clients hundreds of clients actually over thepast ten years a few thousand clients and they’vethey’ve done really well. So please try to use this I think you’ll find that itwill do well for you even if you’re looking for a less than a six-figure jobor it will it will work in any kind of position and so if you have any questions put them in the comment section below and I will talk to you soon.

Job Interview tips 5 How to Answer the Interview

Job Interview tips 5 How to Answer the Interview Question How Much will You Cost


Job Interview tips 5 How to Answer the Interview I hope you’re doing well. So one of the most popular videos that I have is actually a series of five fifteen minute videos that take an hour and fifteen minutes to watch that talk about the five interview questions that you really need to be able to answer to be fully prepared for an interview. All right, you probably skipped ahead tothis one because the one that what I’m going to cover today is the one that Get the most questions on so here we go.

All right, I want to first give you the five questions so you know what those are and you have context. The first question you need to be able to answer in an interview is: Why are you here? The 2nd question is: What can you do for us? The 3rd question is: What makes you different than anybody else we may talk to? and the 4th question is: Will you fit in with our values and culture? and this very important 5th question which you’re probably wanting to know is: How to answer how much are you going to costus?


because a lot of people ask that question in the beginning of the interviewing process which is really unfair to the interviewee. You’re thejob seeker but they’re doing this to make sure that they’re not wasting their time with somebody who’s too expensive or even too cheap. So I’m going to give youthe answer to the two different ways that they may ask this question. Thefirst way they may ask the question is: “How much are you currently making?” or “Howmuch did you make in your most recent position?” The way to answer that is:”Well, I’ve actually been paid very well because I have done some really goodthings, I’ve gotten some great results. But, what I am expecting to make isreally an apples to oranges comparison between what I’ve made in the past andwhat I would expect to make at your company given the difference in responsibilities.


So really I need to find out more about the responsibilities so I know what the market is paying for that job. Can you give me a little bit more information about if there’s going to be budget Authority, if there’s a number of people that are reporting to this position? Yougo into some questions, you go that way. Okay, second way they may ask it instead of answering the apples to oranges comparison they may say: “So what are your salary expectations?” Now what they wantto know is how much does it cost to pay your bills? That’s not a fair question.The answer really needs to be based upon what is the market paying for that jobtitle, those job responsibilities, in that geographic location. One of the bestplaces to get that information is salary.comI love that website and it’s you can get information for free. So, the way toanswer what your salary expectations are: “Well, I’m at a point in my career whereI’m actually fortunate enough to make sure that a good fit is the most important thing to me. So I’m sure that if you and I can both come to anagreement or if you and I and the decision maker can all come to an-agreement that I’m the best fit for the position,


I’m sure we won’t have an issuewith compensation. We’re not going to have an issue with compensation.” And thenif they press you go: “Well is there a range that you’re wanting to pay forthis position?” and then if they give you that range,believe me you can say, yeah, there’s not going to be anissue with compensation, even if it’s too low for you because once you are thesolution to their problems and the bridge that’s going to take them towhere they want to be, in other words, you are the quintessential answer for whothey’re looking for, they will pay a lot more than what that original range isfor you.


Okay, and we’ve actually been able to get our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars more than that original range believe it or not.It’s all in strategic negotiations but it’s also in how you are looking fromthe time they look at your resume, your LinkedIn profile, to the time thatthey are giving you the offer. So, if you want to know more about our company feelfree to check us out on the slide that’s coming up right now. I’m Tammy Kabell withCareer Resume Consulting.

How TO Phone Interview Any Tips For Jobs Interview

How TO Phone Interview Any Tips For Jobs Interview


How TO Phone Interview Any Tips For Jobs Interview  Hi Tammy Kabell here. Founder and CEO of Career Resume Consulting and today I want to give you the one thing the one secret that above anything else will help you get that all-important face-to-face interview, that face-to-face meeting with a decision maker okay. So this actually came from someone when I was doing a recent speaking engagement.I do speaking engagements and someone asked me if you were to give one piece of advice to someone on how to win a phone interview to get that face to face interview.

what would it be and I really had to think about that because not getting the face-to-face interview could leave you hanging and especially if youdon’t hear back from the recruiter or HR representative that you’re talking to oreven if you’re talking to the decision-maker on the phone but you never get past the phone call. So if that’s a problem foryou that really could result in you not getting a job for months and months. Asa matter of fact the average is 12 to 18 months to get a six-figure position in the United States these days in 2016. So I don’t want you to be that statistic. Want you to be able to move past that phone interview into the face-to-face interview so I want to give you the one piece of advice that I would give my best friend if they were to ask what would you say to help me get thatface-to-face interview? Here’s what it is, first understand that in a hiring process you are the sales person, you are also the product or service that you reselling.


Does that make sense? You are selling yourself so you are the salesperson. The number one piece of advice that I would give a salesperson if they’re not selling something is, I would ask them, well are you asking for the sale? So that’s what I want to ask you in the the phone interview. What you really are looking for is not the job. You can’t get a jobwith a phone interview. What you’re looking for is to move to a face-to-face interview. Really what you’re looking for is to leave that phone interview with aclear future. In other words, you and the other person on the phone know exactlywhat the next steps are and what the timeline is for those next steps. That’sreally what you want in a phone interview anyway right?


So you want toask for the sale with the sale being the face-to-face interview. So howdo you do that? Well there are a couple of differentways that you can phrase it. If you’re talking to the decision maker on thephone that’s best-case scenario, what you wantto do is at the end of the conversation you want to say well, You know I’vereally enjoyed talking with you today about this position and actually I’mmore excited about it then before we talked now that you’ve given me moreinformation about the position. I’m actually very enthusiastic about thepossibility of working with you. Is it possible to talk in your office nextweek sometime more about your needs and get into your needs in detail as far asthe needs of the company, the needs of the department, your needs, in particularwhat are you looking for and and what can I help you with and is it a good fit? I’d really like to talk with you in more detail about that. Is there atime next week that we can get together in your office to talk about this inmore detail? That’s it. Now that’s a soft sell and it is an easy way to make surethat something is on the calendar. Now sometimes you’re not talking with thedecision-makers. Sometimes you’re talking with an HR professional or a recruiter.In that case there’s a couple of different things that you can do. You canask,is it possible for me to sit down with the decision makersometime next week to talk about their needs, the needs of the company inparticular and what the needs of the department are.


And really wherethey want to take the department. Now with that, you probably are not going toget the yes, but it’s worth a try. However what you can do, is you can put in theirminds a decision as to whether or not you’re moving forward in the process andthe way that you do that is while you’re talking to them at the end as they’rewrapping up you say to them, Is there anything else that you need to knowabout me before you make a decision as to whether or not I move on in theprocess? And that’s worth repeating, let me say it again. Is there anything elsethat you need to know about me in order to make the decision as to whether ornot I move on in the process? So at that point they will either say, well actuallyyes there is one more thing that I need to know. And they’ll, you’re asking for clarification and they’ll give you that. Or even better, they’ll say, no Ithink I’ve got everything that I need to know at this time. And then you ask whencan I expect to hear from you next? And not what are the next stepsbecause what are the next steps is something that everybody else asks butif you ask “When can I expect to hear from you next?” if they say you shouldhear from me by next Wednesday, then your answer should be,


So if I don’t hear fromyou by say Thursday, can I give you a call?” and that way you’re getting theirpermission ahead of time to give them a call on Thursday if you don’t hear fromthem by Wednesday. Now keep in mind when you’re asking them is there anything else that you need to know about me before you make a decision as to whetherI move on in the process, what you’re doing is that you are somewhat forcingthem on an unconscious level to make a decision about you right then andbelieve it or not when they’re talking to you they have a better opinion of youthen after they get off the phone with you and so while they’re talking to youhave them make that decision because it’s probably going to be more positive.It’s going to be a yes and so when they say no I think I’ve got everything Ithink we’re good that probably means you’re moving on in the process andthat’s when you ask when should I expect to hear from you and then they will theywill probably know this is actually happen to a lot of my clients wherethey’ll initially say well we’ve got a lot of other people to talk to and we’vegot you know we’re in the beginning of the process and so it might take acouple of weeks before we get back with you but once they start asking thesequestions by the time they finished the the HRperson has finished answering those questions they’re saying you know.

you will hear back from me by Wednesday in either case you’re definitely gonna hear back from me by Wednesday in other words they’re making up their mind right then even if they’ve got a lot of other people to talk withyou want them to make up their mind about you right then and there all right.That’s the one piece of advice that I have for you on a phone interview to getyou to that face-to-face interview that above everything else asking for thesale is going to get you that face-to-face interview I hope this has helped and if you would love to talk with us about working with us in how toget that face to face interview how to get the phone interview to begin with if you’re not getting enough phone interviews.

How to struggling to get Interview calls

How to struggling to get Interview calls


How to struggling to get Interview calls I request you to take a look at it. Today I would like to discuss with you – onemore very important point and that is – “Why are we struggling to getinterview calls in IT industry ? ” We all know that India has made its mark asIT superpower in world. But, As an IT engineer, We are also facinga situation where we are struggling to get a job and surviving at it ?

So, What is the reason behind it ?Why even after having huge IT Tech Market, We struggle to arrange even an interview callfor us ? What is that gap, we as Job seekers – arefailing to feel so that recruiters are not approaching us ?Lets take a look at it. The number 1 reason behind struggle to getinterview calls is – “IT deadlock” So, Lets first discuss what I want to sayby coining the word – “IT deadlock” Recruiters are looking for candidates whoare technically sound, who are experienced. They do not feel comfortable to offer a jobto a naive. who is in learning phase. They are least interested in investing theirtime and resources for training an employee. Their approach is to consume the ready ones. In short, Recruiters are looking for candidateswho can be a cash cow for them from day 1. who can be an Asset to them. and not a liability.

But, You will hardly be a plug and play package. What I mean by this is, Without working onyourself, You will hardly fulfill all the expectations of recruiters. The reason is,Its very rare that the technical environment in which you are working right now exactlyresemble with recruiters requirements. For example, Lets talk about JAVASCRIPT Frameworkswe are having for Front-End Development. AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS – are several optionsthat we can consider. In AngularJS itself, we have multiple optionslike Angular2/4/5 and 6. So, Its really rare that whatever technicalexposure you are getting right now from wherever you are, recruiters are also looking for thesame specific technologies. So, In Nutshell, To get industrial experience in areas recruitersare demanding, You need to change your job. But, At the same time, Without getting industrialexperience in in-demand technologies, recruiters are not ready to offer you a job. And, this is what I mean by word IT deadlock. I have faced this situation when I was activelylooking for a job change. IT deadlock is main reason behind the struggleto get or to convert interview calls into job offers.


I was working with an IT Giant and what Ihave learnt by staying there – that I would like to share with you. Getting trapped into IT deadlock is very commonfor people who are working in IT Giants. Believe me, I was also in the same boat. Lets discuss why I am saying like this : Most of the projects of these IT giants arerunning from last 10-15 Years. Because of that, The technical environmentthat you get mostly consists of outdated legacy technologies. Hence, Skills you are acquiring has alreadylost its charm in the IT market. This fact does not just applies to developers. In Testing domain also this point is applicable. From Manual Testing to Automation Testing.and now Industry is moving towards DevOps Testing.


I am not saying that these legacy technologiesare not required to learn. What I want to say is knowing only these technologiesis not going to give you, your next job offer. The next major reason, is the comforting environment. Very few people you will find out in thesecompanies who are really really interestedin re-educating and pushing themselves. We all know that, IT World is changing atvery rapid rate. And, In IT industry re-educating yourselfon timely basis is necessity for survival.


Second Reason I would like to discuss is : Differencebetween Knowledge and Experience Image I have added here, clearly explain whatI want to say. Once we decide to change a job, we start analyzinghot and lucrative skills of Job market. And, than we learn those skills using books,web-content or on-line courses. But friends, Feeling our mind with informationby reading from a website or by watching videos, do not compensate hands-on experience advantages. Hands-on practice engages us with our technology,and helps us to digest core concepts. It gives us an opportunity to make mistakes. And, enhances our problem solving ability. And, This may be the main reason behind Employersprefererence towards experience candidates. according to me, these two are the core reasons,behind our struggle to get interview calls ? => In next video, I will share how I managedto come out of this struggle. which may help you to ease your job-hunting.

How to Come out of IT DeadLock and Succeed at Job Interviews

How to Come out of IT DeadLock and Succeed at Job Interviews


How to Come out of IT DeadLock and Succeed at Job Interviews We discussed two majorreasons behind the struggle to get interview calls. IT Dead lock and 2nd is Knowledge vs experiencegap In this video, I would like to share withyou all, What mistakes I made while handling IT Dead lock. And, how A slightly revised approach to dealwith this situation helped me in getting maximum results with minimum efforts. Lets have a recap of what we discussed inlast video. We understood that, Recruiters are looking for Experience candidateswho can be cash cow for them from day 1. They are least interested in training or wecan say creating an industry ready engineer. They are looking for an asset , and not aliability. On the other side, As a job applicant, weare also having our own limitations and some out of the control factors. like, Rapidly changing technologies and non-resemblingtechnical environment of our current job and next job.


because of which, Its really difficult forone to be a ready-to-use and to be a plug and play package. So, Now comes the question,how to deal with this IT deadlock and get a job To solve this puzzle,I would like to share my personal experience and learning from the mistake I used to makewhen I was looking for a job change. Due to Technical knowledge gap we face,because of not re-educating ourselves, whenever I used to receive Job notificationsfrom recruiters, following questions used to fill my mind.


First question used to be :I don’t know everything that is mentioned in JD. What if Interviewer will ask something fromthat area ? How will I handle that situation when I haveto say – “I don’t know” ? Second one was :Because JD is containing topics I am not comfortable with,To come into the focus of Recruiter and to get shortlisted for interview,Should I lie in my resume ? (3) What if I lie and my bluff will get caught? That used to be another one. And, After all these dilemmas and self-doubts,last comes the important question on which I had to make a call, Should I really apply for this Job ? I am sure that you are also familiar withthis confusions. Initially,I was focusing on the jobs which were exactly resemblingwith my knowledge bank. And Because of this approach,I was Not applying for Jobs which were out of my comfort zone.


But, After sometime,I realized that I was making a mistake. I was trying to escape from a prison. Just to end up in another one. Because, By not applying for Jobs which wereout of my comfort zone, I was choosing just another jobsimilar to my current one, which would fail to give me any technicalgrowth. Here comes the part, which I am interestedin highlighting the most. On realizing that there is no meaning in findinga job similar to what I was having,I decided to appear for interviews which earlier I used to skip. As a part of my revised approach. I added all the in demand skills to my NaukriProfile and Resume. For Example,I was a Desktop developer. But, I added all web technologieslike HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, ASP.Net MVC, web services in my profile. I used to work in project where waterfallSDLC approach was being followed. But, Still I added AGILE and Scrum in my resume. Another change I made was :Before appearing for any interview call telephonic or In-personI started going through JD very thoroughly.


I started to prepare, read, do small projectsand try to fit in all those demanding technologies,in my current project environment. In other words :Change I made in my approach was: Instead of Learning demanded technologies- updating resume – Interview I proceeded withupdating resume – Learning demanded technologies – appearing for Interview In short, Instead of Learn, Show and AppearingWhat I did was Show, sLearn and than Appear. As an impact of this revised approach :Recruiters started noticing me. They started visiting my profile on Naukri. I got around 250 visits on my profile by recruiters. I would like to recall here that,Earlier There was a time, When I applied for around 400 jobsbut no one was listening. Because of this approach, I started gettinginterview calls. initially, I failed to answer many questionsin many interviews. But, I come to know Interviewer’s expectationsin various technical areas. And, This experience help me, in making mylearning efforts more directional. So, Friends, According to me, the Take Awayof my experience revolves around Pareto principle. which is also known as 80/20 principle. It states that around 80 percent results atalmost everything, comes from the 20 percent of efforts. Hence, It is very much important to make smartefforts. I already mentioned that,Earlier also I was desperately trying to get and crack interview calls.

But, My all efforts went in vain. But, A slightly revised approach,Pulled me out of IT Dead lock Helped me getting 250 profile visitsapproximately 60-65 interview calls I got IMP topics, most probable to be askedin interview, which saved me reading gigantic books fromstart to end And, At the end,I ended up bagging 5 offer letters I am confident that If you will apply my approach,to your job hunting process,


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Gujarat CET Admit Card 2020

Gujarat CET Admit Card 2020 Download Now


Gujarat CET Admit Card 2020Admi Card 2020. Download All Exam Admit Card/Call Letter and Interview Call Letter/Hall Ticket 2020

Admit Card 2020. Applicants can download the different Examination Admit Card/Hall Ticket/Call Letter Release date, Company name, post a simple path Here. Our page has given the immediate connects to download concede card/Hall Ticket for different Examinations Here. Kindly follow our page routinely and get all your concede card related occasions for your tests promptly when it is refreshed.

Important Detais Here for Gujarat CET Admit Card 2020


Gujarat CET Hall Ticket 2020 – Overview

Description Details

Name of the Board GSEB Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board

Test Conducting Body Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC)

Kind of Exam Entrance Exams

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Category Admit Card

Test Date 24th August 2020

Concede Card Release Date Released On thirteenth August 2020

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Test Type State Level Entrance Test

Gujarat CET Exam Admit Card 2020

Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board is going to issue the concede cards for the Gujarat Common Entrance Test 2020 on twentieth July 2020. Competitors who have applied for the Gujarat CET Exam Notification 2020 can remain tuned to this website page. Here, you will get the immediate connect to download GUJCET Hall Ticket 2020 alongside the test date. GUJCET 2020 Admit Card assumes an imperative job in the test community. It goes about as a passage go for the understudies

GUJCET Exam Date 2020

Gujarat State Common Entrance Test 2020 will be led on 30th July 2020. Candidates of GUJCET Exam 2020 must download corridor tickets as ahead of schedule as conceivable to conquer the innovative glitch toward the end minute.

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Information Available on Gujarat CET Hall Ticket 2020

Classification of the candidate

Date and Time of the Test

Assessment Center Code

Name of the Exam Conducting Board

Move Number

Space for Applicant’s Signature

Name of the Candidate’s Father

Significant Guidelines for the Exam Takers

Sexual orientation (Male/Female)

Candidate’s Date of Birth

Enrollment Number

The setting of the Exam Center

Mark of the Board Counselor

Space for Invigilator’s Signature

Name of the Test Center

Complete Name of the Applicant

Revealing Time to the Exam Hall

Name of the Written Test

Photo of the Candidate

Length of the Online Test

Significant Documents to Carry with GujCET Hall Ticket 2020

School ID

Driving License

Proportion Card

Any Government-gave ID Proof


Aadhar Card

Voter ID

Container Card

Worker ID

Steps to Download Here Admit Card For  GSEB Gujarat CET Exam 2020

As a matter of first importance, visit the of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB) official site

The connection is on the landing page

Snap on the GUJCET Exam 2020 Admit Card connect.

You will divert to another page.

Snap on the best possible connect to download the Gujarat CET Hall Ticket 2020.

Enter your points of interest, for example, application number and secret key.

At that point click on the submit tab.

At that point the GUJCET 2020 Hall Ticket report will show up on the screen.

At long last, download it and step through it to the examination place.

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This Job Post Admit Card Here  Download Link Available Now

Every now and again Asked Questions

Q. What subtleties are required to download GUJCET Admit Card 2020?

Ans: To download GUJCET Admit Card 2020, hopefuls need to enter the subtleties like application number, date of birth and secret phrase.

Q. Where would i be able to download the GUJCET 2020 Hall Ticket?

Ans: You can download GUJCET 2020 Hall Ticket at the official webpage i.e from admit card 2020,

gujcet admit card date 2020,

gujcet 2020,

gujcet 2020 exam date,

CRPF GD Constable Admit Card Dowload Now

CRPF GD Constable Admit Card Dowload Now


CRPF GD Constable Admit Card Dowload Now Admi Card 2020. Download All Exam Admit Card/Call Letter and Interview Call Letter/Hall Ticket 2020

Admit Card 2020. Applicants can download the different Examination Admit Card/Hall Ticket/Call Letter Release date, Company name, post a simple path Here. Our page has given the immediate connects to download concede card/Hall Ticket for different Examinations Here. Kindly follow our page routinely and get all your concede card related occasions for your tests promptly when it is refreshed.

Important Detais Here for Admit Card CRFP GD Constable 

Post Name GD Constable And Board Name CRPF

This Post Is Exams Date 24/08/2020 To 10/09/2020

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Admit Card Link      Download Now 

More Admit Card     Click Here

CRPF HC Admit Card 2020

Focal Reserve Police Force is going to issue the concede card very soon. Competitors applied for the CPRF Head Constable Recruitment 2020 can download the concede card through the official site. Along these lines, prepare with your login subtleties and download the concede card. Up-and-comers going to go to for the composed test must convey the concede card to the assessment place alongside the one id confirmation for recognizable proof from the analyst.

Choice Process for CPRF Police Bharti 2020

Applicants applied for CPRF Police Bharti must the go to beneath notice rounds to get designated as head constable in CPRF. The rounds resemble

Composed Examination

Physical Measurement Test

Physical Efficiency Test and

Clinical Examination

Significant Data to Check on CPRF GD Admit Card 2020

Applicant Date of Birth

Test Date

Sex (Male/Female)

Class of the up-and-comer (ST/SC/BC and Other)

Online Registration Number

Most recent Photograph

Move Number/Registration Number

Time Duration of the Exam

Name of The Exam

Father’s Name and Mother’s Name

Test Center Name

Complete Name of the Candidate

Records to Carry for CPRF HC Hall Ticket 2020

Dish Card

Aadhar Card

Driving License

Bank Passbook

ID evidence approved by Gazetted Officer

Proportion Card

Worker ID


School ID

Voter ID

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Oftentimes Asked Questions

Q. Will the CRPF Head Constable Admit Card 2020 be accessible in disconnected mode?

Ans: No, the CPRF HC Admit Card won’t be accessible in disconnected mode. Applicants can download the CPRF Head Constable Admit Card just through the online mode.