How to Come out of IT DeadLock and Succeed at Job Interviews

How to Come out of IT DeadLock and Succeed at Job Interviews


How to Come out of IT DeadLock and Succeed at Job Interviews We discussed two majorreasons behind the struggle to get interview calls. IT Dead lock and 2nd is Knowledge vs experiencegap In this video, I would like to share withyou all, What mistakes I made while handling IT Dead lock. And, how A slightly revised approach to dealwith this situation helped me in getting maximum results with minimum efforts. Lets have a recap of what we discussed inlast video. We understood that, Recruiters are looking for Experience candidateswho can be cash cow for them from day 1. They are least interested in training or wecan say creating an industry ready engineer. They are looking for an asset , and not aliability. On the other side, As a job applicant, weare also having our own limitations and some out of the control factors. like, Rapidly changing technologies and non-resemblingtechnical environment of our current job and next job.


because of which, Its really difficult forone to be a ready-to-use and to be a plug and play package. So, Now comes the question,how to deal with this IT deadlock and get a job To solve this puzzle,I would like to share my personal experience and learning from the mistake I used to makewhen I was looking for a job change. Due to Technical knowledge gap we face,because of not re-educating ourselves, whenever I used to receive Job notificationsfrom recruiters, following questions used to fill my mind.


First question used to be :I don’t know everything that is mentioned in JD. What if Interviewer will ask something fromthat area ? How will I handle that situation when I haveto say – “I don’t know” ? Second one was :Because JD is containing topics I am not comfortable with,To come into the focus of Recruiter and to get shortlisted for interview,Should I lie in my resume ? (3) What if I lie and my bluff will get caught? That used to be another one. And, After all these dilemmas and self-doubts,last comes the important question on which I had to make a call, Should I really apply for this Job ? I am sure that you are also familiar withthis confusions. Initially,I was focusing on the jobs which were exactly resemblingwith my knowledge bank. And Because of this approach,I was Not applying for Jobs which were out of my comfort zone.


But, After sometime,I realized that I was making a mistake. I was trying to escape from a prison. Just to end up in another one. Because, By not applying for Jobs which wereout of my comfort zone, I was choosing just another jobsimilar to my current one, which would fail to give me any technicalgrowth. Here comes the part, which I am interestedin highlighting the most. On realizing that there is no meaning in findinga job similar to what I was having,I decided to appear for interviews which earlier I used to skip. As a part of my revised approach. I added all the in demand skills to my NaukriProfile and Resume. For Example,I was a Desktop developer. But, I added all web technologieslike HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, ASP.Net MVC, web services in my profile. I used to work in project where waterfallSDLC approach was being followed. But, Still I added AGILE and Scrum in my resume. Another change I made was :Before appearing for any interview call telephonic or In-personI started going through JD very thoroughly.


I started to prepare, read, do small projectsand try to fit in all those demanding technologies,in my current project environment. In other words :Change I made in my approach was: Instead of Learning demanded technologies- updating resume – Interview I proceeded withupdating resume – Learning demanded technologies – appearing for Interview In short, Instead of Learn, Show and AppearingWhat I did was Show, sLearn and than Appear. As an impact of this revised approach :Recruiters started noticing me. They started visiting my profile on Naukri. I got around 250 visits on my profile by recruiters. I would like to recall here that,Earlier There was a time, When I applied for around 400 jobsbut no one was listening. Because of this approach, I started gettinginterview calls. initially, I failed to answer many questionsin many interviews. But, I come to know Interviewer’s expectationsin various technical areas. And, This experience help me, in making mylearning efforts more directional. So, Friends, According to me, the Take Awayof my experience revolves around Pareto principle. which is also known as 80/20 principle. It states that around 80 percent results atalmost everything, comes from the 20 percent of efforts. Hence, It is very much important to make smartefforts. I already mentioned that,Earlier also I was desperately trying to get and crack interview calls.

But, My all efforts went in vain. But, A slightly revised approach,Pulled me out of IT Dead lock Helped me getting 250 profile visitsapproximately 60-65 interview calls I got IMP topics, most probable to be askedin interview, which saved me reading gigantic books fromstart to end And, At the end,I ended up bagging 5 offer letters I am confident that If you will apply my approach,to your job hunting process,


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