Job Interview tips 5 How to Answer the Interview

Job Interview tips 5 How to Answer the Interview Question How Much will You Cost


Job Interview tips 5 How to Answer the Interview I hope you’re doing well. So one of the most popular videos that I have is actually a series of five fifteen minute videos that take an hour and fifteen minutes to watch that talk about the five interview questions that you really need to be able to answer to be fully prepared for an interview. All right, you probably skipped ahead tothis one because the one that what I’m going to cover today is the one that Get the most questions on so here we go.

All right, I want to first give you the five questions so you know what those are and you have context. The first question you need to be able to answer in an interview is: Why are you here? The 2nd question is: What can you do for us? The 3rd question is: What makes you different than anybody else we may talk to? and the 4th question is: Will you fit in with our values and culture? and this very important 5th question which you’re probably wanting to know is: How to answer how much are you going to costus?


because a lot of people ask that question in the beginning of the interviewing process which is really unfair to the interviewee. You’re thejob seeker but they’re doing this to make sure that they’re not wasting their time with somebody who’s too expensive or even too cheap. So I’m going to give youthe answer to the two different ways that they may ask this question. Thefirst way they may ask the question is: “How much are you currently making?” or “Howmuch did you make in your most recent position?” The way to answer that is:”Well, I’ve actually been paid very well because I have done some really goodthings, I’ve gotten some great results. But, what I am expecting to make isreally an apples to oranges comparison between what I’ve made in the past andwhat I would expect to make at your company given the difference in responsibilities.


So really I need to find out more about the responsibilities so I know what the market is paying for that job. Can you give me a little bit more information about if there’s going to be budget Authority, if there’s a number of people that are reporting to this position? Yougo into some questions, you go that way. Okay, second way they may ask it instead of answering the apples to oranges comparison they may say: “So what are your salary expectations?” Now what they wantto know is how much does it cost to pay your bills? That’s not a fair question.The answer really needs to be based upon what is the market paying for that jobtitle, those job responsibilities, in that geographic location. One of the bestplaces to get that information is salary.comI love that website and it’s you can get information for free. So, the way toanswer what your salary expectations are: “Well, I’m at a point in my career whereI’m actually fortunate enough to make sure that a good fit is the most important thing to me. So I’m sure that if you and I can both come to anagreement or if you and I and the decision maker can all come to an-agreement that I’m the best fit for the position,


I’m sure we won’t have an issuewith compensation. We’re not going to have an issue with compensation.” And thenif they press you go: “Well is there a range that you’re wanting to pay forthis position?” and then if they give you that range,believe me you can say, yeah, there’s not going to be anissue with compensation, even if it’s too low for you because once you are thesolution to their problems and the bridge that’s going to take them towhere they want to be, in other words, you are the quintessential answer for whothey’re looking for, they will pay a lot more than what that original range isfor you.


Okay, and we’ve actually been able to get our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars more than that original range believe it or not.It’s all in strategic negotiations but it’s also in how you are looking fromthe time they look at your resume, your LinkedIn profile, to the time thatthey are giving you the offer. So, if you want to know more about our company feelfree to check us out on the slide that’s coming up right now. I’m Tammy Kabell withCareer Resume Consulting.

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