How to struggling to get Interview calls

How to struggling to get Interview calls


How to struggling to get Interview calls I request you to take a look at it. Today I would like to discuss with you – onemore very important point and that is – “Why are we struggling to getinterview calls in IT industry ? ” We all know that India has made its mark asIT superpower in world. But, As an IT engineer, We are also facinga situation where we are struggling to get a job and surviving at it ?

So, What is the reason behind it ?Why even after having huge IT Tech Market, We struggle to arrange even an interview callfor us ? What is that gap, we as Job seekers – arefailing to feel so that recruiters are not approaching us ?Lets take a look at it. The number 1 reason behind struggle to getinterview calls is – “IT deadlock” So, Lets first discuss what I want to sayby coining the word – “IT deadlock” Recruiters are looking for candidates whoare technically sound, who are experienced. They do not feel comfortable to offer a jobto a naive. who is in learning phase. They are least interested in investing theirtime and resources for training an employee. Their approach is to consume the ready ones. In short, Recruiters are looking for candidateswho can be a cash cow for them from day 1. who can be an Asset to them. and not a liability.

But, You will hardly be a plug and play package. What I mean by this is, Without working onyourself, You will hardly fulfill all the expectations of recruiters. The reason is,Its very rare that the technical environment in which you are working right now exactlyresemble with recruiters requirements. For example, Lets talk about JAVASCRIPT Frameworkswe are having for Front-End Development. AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS – are several optionsthat we can consider. In AngularJS itself, we have multiple optionslike Angular2/4/5 and 6. So, Its really rare that whatever technicalexposure you are getting right now from wherever you are, recruiters are also looking for thesame specific technologies. So, In Nutshell, To get industrial experience in areas recruitersare demanding, You need to change your job. But, At the same time, Without getting industrialexperience in in-demand technologies, recruiters are not ready to offer you a job. And, this is what I mean by word IT deadlock. I have faced this situation when I was activelylooking for a job change. IT deadlock is main reason behind the struggleto get or to convert interview calls into job offers.


I was working with an IT Giant and what Ihave learnt by staying there – that I would like to share with you. Getting trapped into IT deadlock is very commonfor people who are working in IT Giants. Believe me, I was also in the same boat. Lets discuss why I am saying like this : Most of the projects of these IT giants arerunning from last 10-15 Years. Because of that, The technical environmentthat you get mostly consists of outdated legacy technologies. Hence, Skills you are acquiring has alreadylost its charm in the IT market. This fact does not just applies to developers. In Testing domain also this point is applicable. From Manual Testing to Automation Testing.and now Industry is moving towards DevOps Testing.


I am not saying that these legacy technologiesare not required to learn. What I want to say is knowing only these technologiesis not going to give you, your next job offer. The next major reason, is the comforting environment. Very few people you will find out in thesecompanies who are really really interestedin re-educating and pushing themselves. We all know that, IT World is changing atvery rapid rate. And, In IT industry re-educating yourselfon timely basis is necessity for survival.


Second Reason I would like to discuss is : Differencebetween Knowledge and Experience Image I have added here, clearly explain whatI want to say. Once we decide to change a job, we start analyzinghot and lucrative skills of Job market. And, than we learn those skills using books,web-content or on-line courses. But friends, Feeling our mind with informationby reading from a website or by watching videos, do not compensate hands-on experience advantages. Hands-on practice engages us with our technology,and helps us to digest core concepts. It gives us an opportunity to make mistakes. And, enhances our problem solving ability. And, This may be the main reason behind Employersprefererence towards experience candidates. according to me, these two are the core reasons,behind our struggle to get interview calls ? => In next video, I will share how I managedto come out of this struggle. which may help you to ease your job-hunting.

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