How TO Phone Interview Any Tips For Jobs Interview

How TO Phone Interview Any Tips For Jobs Interview


How TO Phone Interview Any Tips For Jobs Interview  Hi Tammy Kabell here. Founder and CEO of Career Resume Consulting and today I want to give you the one thing the one secret that above anything else will help you get that all-important face-to-face interview, that face-to-face meeting with a decision maker okay. So this actually came from someone when I was doing a recent speaking engagement.I do speaking engagements and someone asked me if you were to give one piece of advice to someone on how to win a phone interview to get that face to face interview.

what would it be and I really had to think about that because not getting the face-to-face interview could leave you hanging and especially if youdon’t hear back from the recruiter or HR representative that you’re talking to oreven if you’re talking to the decision-maker on the phone but you never get past the phone call. So if that’s a problem foryou that really could result in you not getting a job for months and months. Asa matter of fact the average is 12 to 18 months to get a six-figure position in the United States these days in 2016. So I don’t want you to be that statistic. Want you to be able to move past that phone interview into the face-to-face interview so I want to give you the one piece of advice that I would give my best friend if they were to ask what would you say to help me get thatface-to-face interview? Here’s what it is, first understand that in a hiring process you are the sales person, you are also the product or service that you reselling.


Does that make sense? You are selling yourself so you are the salesperson. The number one piece of advice that I would give a salesperson if they’re not selling something is, I would ask them, well are you asking for the sale? So that’s what I want to ask you in the the phone interview. What you really are looking for is not the job. You can’t get a jobwith a phone interview. What you’re looking for is to move to a face-to-face interview. Really what you’re looking for is to leave that phone interview with aclear future. In other words, you and the other person on the phone know exactlywhat the next steps are and what the timeline is for those next steps. That’sreally what you want in a phone interview anyway right?


So you want toask for the sale with the sale being the face-to-face interview. So howdo you do that? Well there are a couple of differentways that you can phrase it. If you’re talking to the decision maker on thephone that’s best-case scenario, what you wantto do is at the end of the conversation you want to say well, You know I’vereally enjoyed talking with you today about this position and actually I’mmore excited about it then before we talked now that you’ve given me moreinformation about the position. I’m actually very enthusiastic about thepossibility of working with you. Is it possible to talk in your office nextweek sometime more about your needs and get into your needs in detail as far asthe needs of the company, the needs of the department, your needs, in particularwhat are you looking for and and what can I help you with and is it a good fit? I’d really like to talk with you in more detail about that. Is there atime next week that we can get together in your office to talk about this inmore detail? That’s it. Now that’s a soft sell and it is an easy way to make surethat something is on the calendar. Now sometimes you’re not talking with thedecision-makers. Sometimes you’re talking with an HR professional or a recruiter.In that case there’s a couple of different things that you can do. You canask,is it possible for me to sit down with the decision makersometime next week to talk about their needs, the needs of the company inparticular and what the needs of the department are.


And really wherethey want to take the department. Now with that, you probably are not going toget the yes, but it’s worth a try. However what you can do, is you can put in theirminds a decision as to whether or not you’re moving forward in the process andthe way that you do that is while you’re talking to them at the end as they’rewrapping up you say to them, Is there anything else that you need to knowabout me before you make a decision as to whether or not I move on in theprocess? And that’s worth repeating, let me say it again. Is there anything elsethat you need to know about me in order to make the decision as to whether ornot I move on in the process? So at that point they will either say, well actuallyyes there is one more thing that I need to know. And they’ll, you’re asking for clarification and they’ll give you that. Or even better, they’ll say, no Ithink I’ve got everything that I need to know at this time. And then you ask whencan I expect to hear from you next? And not what are the next stepsbecause what are the next steps is something that everybody else asks butif you ask “When can I expect to hear from you next?” if they say you shouldhear from me by next Wednesday, then your answer should be,


So if I don’t hear fromyou by say Thursday, can I give you a call?” and that way you’re getting theirpermission ahead of time to give them a call on Thursday if you don’t hear fromthem by Wednesday. Now keep in mind when you’re asking them is there anything else that you need to know about me before you make a decision as to whetherI move on in the process, what you’re doing is that you are somewhat forcingthem on an unconscious level to make a decision about you right then andbelieve it or not when they’re talking to you they have a better opinion of youthen after they get off the phone with you and so while they’re talking to youhave them make that decision because it’s probably going to be more positive.It’s going to be a yes and so when they say no I think I’ve got everything Ithink we’re good that probably means you’re moving on in the process andthat’s when you ask when should I expect to hear from you and then they will theywill probably know this is actually happen to a lot of my clients wherethey’ll initially say well we’ve got a lot of other people to talk to and we’vegot you know we’re in the beginning of the process and so it might take acouple of weeks before we get back with you but once they start asking thesequestions by the time they finished the the HRperson has finished answering those questions they’re saying you know.

you will hear back from me by Wednesday in either case you’re definitely gonna hear back from me by Wednesday in other words they’re making up their mind right then even if they’ve got a lot of other people to talk withyou want them to make up their mind about you right then and there all right.That’s the one piece of advice that I have for you on a phone interview to getyou to that face-to-face interview that above everything else asking for thesale is going to get you that face-to-face interview I hope this has helped and if you would love to talk with us about working with us in how toget that face to face interview how to get the phone interview to begin with if you’re not getting enough phone interviews.

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