How to Career Tips For jobs Market Most Important Thinking For jobs

How to Career Tips For jobs Market Most Important Thinking For jobs

How to Career Tips For jobs Market Most Important Thinking For jobs – Career Resume Consulting and today I’d like to talk about how to get a job created for you from scratch. Meaning, didn’t exist before and you actually talked yourself into something that would be absolutely perfect because it uses all of your strengths. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today and I actually made aquick diagram to explain how you get into that hidden job market that you always hear about. You don’t even know what it is. You don’t know how to get to itunless you actually like know somebody who can get you and make an introduction for you into a job or into a hiring manager.


So I want to talk abouthow to get a job created for you from scratch. Reason being that a surprisingnumber of our clients get jobs created for them. It happens all the timeactually and it’s because of timing. So let me show you the diagram that I puttogether for you today. So I’d quickly like to go over this pretty rudimentarydiagram of how you get into the hidden job market and when you think about thehidden job market it’s really any kind of creation of a position or filling ofa position where it’s not posted online. So when you think about the timeline ofwhat happens in a cycle of from the beginning of a pain point to the actualhiring there’s a lot of months that happen that for instance between thepain point actually happening and the identification of the pain point andthen there’s a few months that go by before they decideto actually hire and this is going to be the decision maker or the hiring managerand then it takes time for the hiring manager to coordinate with HR and all ofthe other stakeholders and actually take an action to hire and then there’s a fewweeks that HR works on it in order to create a public posting and then it endsup in about 2 to 16 weeks of a public hiring taking place.


So when you look atthis diagram and feel free to pause the video and really look at this in detail.What you’re talking about in getting into the hidden job market isreally nothing more than approaching a decision maker between the time thatthere is a pain point that develops and then the public posting so there’s a lotof months there that go by that you can get into talking with a decision makerprior to there being lots of competitors so again pause this if you have if youwant to look into it in more detail now you’re probably wondering, okay, howdo I do that? Well I’ll give you one secret and and that is you can useLinkedIn. A lot of things are happening on LinkedIn. As a matter of fact thelatest numbers that I’ve seen are seventy five percent of employers andninety-four percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as their exclusive form offinding their next executive talent. In other words you’ve got to have a greatrobust LinkedIn profile in order to be seen by executive recruiters and andeven hiring managers and by hiring managers I mean decision makers peoplethat could actually create a position because they’re looking for somebodylike you. You’ve got to be seen so you’ve got to have a robust LinkedIn profile.


That’s the first thing but you can proactively do a search on LinkedIn forthe type of company that you want to work for, the type of hiring manager oror decision maker that you would be looking for. In other words the personthat would be your boss inside the type of company that you would want to workfor. Now we actually have a program where we’ve got this on somewhat of anautopilot where it actually connects with up to hundreds of people even perday and so you can really build a large database or a large connection networkof hiring managers decision-makers in a short amount of time.If you’re interested in that I will leave all of our contact information atthe description and also in the first part of the comments. So feel free toreach out to me or our our main line and and I can have a coach talk to youpersonally about that service. But it’s something that you can also do byyourself if you wanted to try it out by yourself. But keep in mind you have tohave a great message online, in other words, on your LinkedInprofile.


If you’re gonna try to connect with someone you’ve got to be attractiveto them from the very beginning that very first glance that they look at youand they spend a couple of seconds looking at your picture, your beautifulpicture, your name and then your job title underneath. Now what I recommendto do in order to capture their attention, change that job title to a valueproposition statement. You can do this even if you are fully employed right nowand what I mean by a value proposition statement is, instead of Director ofOperations, perhaps it’s saving market leading companies millions of dollarsper year through smart process improvement. Maybe that’s what you’reknown for as a director of operations or a VP of Operations even. So think aboutgoing back to positioning yourself, think about how you would position yourself ata first glance with someone and what would you say to them if you had one sentence to sum up what you do better than anyone else. So put that on yourLinkedIn profile.


I think you will find that you will get more attention fromthe hidden job market and when you’re going after the hidden job marketproactively you’ll get more attention as well. Alright, I hope this has helpedyou and if you like what you heard consider subscribing. If you loved whatyou heard give me a thumbs up I’d love to see those and of course I would loveto hear about your success if you use this technique and it works for youbecause it’s worked for our clients hundreds of clients actually over thepast ten years a few thousand clients and they’vethey’ve done really well. So please try to use this I think you’ll find that itwill do well for you even if you’re looking for a less than a six-figure jobor it will it will work in any kind of position and so if you have any questions put them in the comment section below and I will talk to you soon.

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