1. Clashes between army of USA and Russa, several U.S. soldiers injured, in which country this incident took place?

a. Syria
b. Erak
c. UAE
d. China

Answer: a. Syria

– The clash took place in war-torn eastern Syria between the two world’s superpowers, the US and Russian troops.
– The US Central Command has issued a statement saying that the incident happened at 10 am on 25th August.
– The incident has led to increased tension in the US and Russia. The armies of the two countries are accusing each other of being aggressive.


28-august-2020-current-affairs 27 & 28 AUGUST 2020 CURRENT AFFAIRS

How the incident happened
– The Russian troops are said to have been speeding up the us troops from their armoured vehicle.
– Russia had also set up two of its helicopters to ward off US troops.
– One of these helicopters came under the purview of American vehicles.
– There is often an encounter between the US and Russia in Syria.
– But what happened this time is more serious.

Where the incident took place
– In Syria
– Syria’s border with Iraq is Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan.
– The country’s population is 1.7 crore.
– The capital is a decade…. Largest city: Aleppo.
– Language: Arabic, English and French
– It is in asian continental.

What the U.S. and Russia’s forces are doing in Syria
– So the civil war is going on in Syria.
– Civil War means there are different groups of people in the country and some people are fighting to change power.
– Here is president Bashar al-Assad.
– The rebel groups want to remove Bashar al-Assad from power since 2011.
– The US was accompanied by the rebels (Syrian Democratic Forces). Initially, they gave arms and then deployed their troops there.
– Then, in 2015, the rebels captured most parts of Syria.
– Felt that President Bashar al-Assad would now be removed. The US also thought that power would be overturned now.
At the same moment, Russia came to the fore. Bashar al-Assad sought help from Russia and then Russia deployed the army there.
– While the United States was providing weapons and financial support to Assad’s rebels, Russia was openly challenging the United States by bombing Assad’s rebels.
– Russia has been so bombed that most of the major cities in Syria are now occupied by President Bashar al-Assad’s army.
– Iran also helped Syria.
– America came to the backfoot.
– More than five lakh people have been killed in this civil war in Syria in the last seven years.
– In the meantime, ISIS’ dominance in Syria increased. Made a stronghold in blood.
– Now the US agreed with Russia to end ISIS first.
– This was the first time in 2005 when the US bowed in front of Russia in a way.
– The United States agreed to withdraw from its insistence on assad’s immediate farewell.

Trump calls army
– Then, when Trump became president of the United States, he withdrew a lot of troops from Syria. Especially when the impact of ISIS decreased in Syria.
– However, about 500 US troops remain in northern Syria.
– There are also some areas where there are oil resources.
– Often, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are also jawans with the US military.

Tension between Russia and U.S. troops
– There is often a face-on between Russia and US troops.
– But this is the first time U.S. troops have been injured1
– The US said that the Russian military’s approach is a violation of the protocol to prevent conflict between the US and Russia.
– The commitment was expressed by both the US and Russia in December 2019.
– The US said it does not want to provoke tensions.
– But he will give a befitting reply to any such aggressive action.

– However, it is also being said that the incident took place in an area in eastern Syria where Russian troops should not be.
– We were removed from the area to reduce stress.
– U.S. Military reported that U.S. Joint Chief of Staff Chairman General Mark Met spoke with his Russian counterpart.

– Here, Russia has said that its military convoy was already informed about the US. But deliberately the US army came there.

2. How many years has the Union Government extended the tenure of DRDO Chairman G Satish Reddy?

a. One year
b. Two years
c. Three years
d. Four years

Answer: b. Two years

– G. Satish Reddy was appointed as chairman for 2 years in August 2018.
– The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has now extended its tenure for two years.
– He has also been secretary, Department of Defence Research and Development (DoDRDO) since August 26.
– In June 2015 G. Satish Reddy was appointed as the Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister.

DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation)
Founded: 1958
Headquarters: New Delhi

Who has been selected as Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SBI Mutual Fund (MF)?

a.Anubhav Bhargava

b. Rohit Jain

c. Vinay Tons

d. Kapil Sahni

Answer: c. Vinay Tons

– Vinay will supplant Ashwani Bhatia.

– Who has as of late been named as overseeing chief (MD) of State Bank of India.

– Tons joined SBI in 1988 as a trial official and worked at different areas abroad.

– He has 32 years of involvement in state bank of India.

– He has worked in different undertakings and tasks.

– which incorporates business banking, for example, business banking, depository, retail and universal banking.

SBI Mutual Fund Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra.

4. Who has become the world’s first quick bowler to step through 600 Exam wickets?

a. Miguel Stark

b. James Anderson

c. Brett Lee

d. Varun Aaron

Answer: b. James Anderson

– England’s 38-year-old veteran pacer James Anderson impacted the world forever on the fifth day of the downpour influenced Southampton test.

– During the last Test trial of the Test arrangement against Pakistan, he finished 600 wickets in his Test vocation on August 25.

– Anderson’s 600 th casualty became Pakistan skipper Azhar Ali (31).

– He accomplished this accomplishment in the 156th Test coordinate.

– Before Anderson’s record, the deed was named after just three spinners Muthiya Muralitharan, Shane Warne and Anil Kumble.

— –

5. When is World Water Week 2020 celebrated?

a. 26 August to 30 August

b. August 24 to August 28

c. August 25 to August 29

d. August 27 to August 31

Answer: b. August 24 to August 28

– The principle topic of World Water Week 2020 is Water and Climate change: Accelerating Action.

– World Water Week is a yearly worldwide occasion composed by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) after 1991. – That’s to address the issues of earth’s water and the related issues of global advancement related with it.

– The World Water Week 2020 is being held in virtual configuration because of the COVID-19 pestilence.

– This is seven days yet the occasion is just five days.

Leader Director of SIWI: Torgny Holmgren

Base camp: Stockholm, Sweden.

— –

6. What number of air courses have been affirmed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation under the ‘Udan’ plot in the midst of the crown pestilence?

a. 78

b. 80

c. 70

d. 50

Answer: a. 78

– New courses are being acquainted with upgrade availability to distant territories of the nation.

– This incorporates the North East locale and the slope zone.

– The choice has been taken simply after three effective visits have been offered for these courses.

In a tweet, Ministry of Civil and Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri said that an aggregate of 18 open and underservice air terminals will be associated with metro urban communities.

– This incorporates Delhi, Kolkata and Kochi.

– Let us state that an aggregate of 766 root has been endorsed so far under the flight.

– Out of 688 courses dispensed in the initial three rounds of Udan plot, air administrations have been begun on 274 courses.

What is Udan Scheme

– The legislature has propelled the ‘Udan’ plan to interface urban areas other than metro urban areas with air systems.

– On the courses secured, the legislature will choose the toll of around 50 percent of the seats at the separation of movement.

– Which is minimal misfortune to aircraft organizations.

7. The Union Government has established a National Council for the Rights of Transgender Persons. Who is the current President of the Council?

a. Thaawar Chand Gehlot

b. Narendra Singh Tomar

c. Slam Vilas Paswan

d. Ravi Shankar Prasad

Answer: a. Thaawar Chand Gehlot

– He is a social equity and strengthening service. (Priest of Social Justice and Empowerment)

8. Who has become the world’s first individual with $200 billion worth of benefits?

a. Mukesh Ambani

b. Imprint Zuckerberg

c. Jeff Bezos

d. Bill Gates

Answer: c. Jeff Bezos

– Kovid-19 is expanding the abundance of innovation organizations.

– The most extravagant individual on the planet, Amazon author and CEO Jeff Bezos (56) has just become more extravagant at this point.

– Amazon’s offer hopped 2 percent on August 26.

– Jeff Bezos’ riches has developed by $4.9 billion.

– Now their riches has expanded to $204.6 billion.

– His riches is 90 billion more than charge Gates, the world’s second most extravagant individual.

– Bill Gates has an abundance of $116.1 billion.


Facebook property also uptick
– Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth has also risen to $109.1 billion.
– Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth has increased by $6 billion on August 26, 2020.

About Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos is the founder, chairman, ceo of Amazon.com and chairman of the Amazon.com board.
– After graduating from Princeton University in the year 1986, Bezos worked in the field of computer science at Wall Street.
– He worked to build a network for international business for a company called Fitel.
– Apart from the tech-based company, journalism is also associated.
– He is also the owner of The Washington Post.
– Jeff started by selling career books online.
– Jeff is very fond of buying an old museum.

9. ‘Nuakhai Juhar’ festival is celebrated in which state?

a. Chhattisgarh
b. Odisha
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Both a and b

Answer: both d. a and b (Chhattisgarh and Odisha)

– The event was held on August 23, 2020.
– It is an ancient festival, also known as Nuakhai Parb or Nuakhai Bhatghat.
– The word Nuakhai means new and khai means food.
– On this day, the people of Odisha and Chhattisgarh worship others.
– The famous ‘Devi’ Devi Samaleshwari of Sambalpur district of Odisha gives the first yield from her land.
– On this festival, the people here perform many cultural programmes.
– In programmes, folk songs are sung, and dance.
– But this year, the people here will stay at their home because of The Covid-19 and celebrate the festival.

10. Which table tennis player from India has announced to take the sannyas?

a. Amalraj
b. Polomi component
c. Sania Mirza
d. Well-being

Answer: b. Polomi component

– The Paulomi component was born in West Bengal on 1983.
– Considered one of India’s most talented players.
– He played for the first time at the olympics at the age of 16.
– Poolomi started a tennis career in 1992.
– She won the gold medal in the women’s doubles at the SAF Games of 2006.
– Won bronze in the Commonwealth in 2006 and commonwealth champions in 2007.
In addition, India was funded and won the silver at the Commonwealth in 2010.
– The Asian Games of 2012 had travelled up to the quarter-finals.

11. The first Dragonfly Festival was celebrated in which state, named ‘Thurbimham festival 2020’?

a. Odisha
b. West Bengal
c. Kerala
d. Gujarat

Answer: c. Kerala

The first ever Dragonfly Festival was launched by WWF (World Wide Fund Nature) in the state of Kerala.

12. Rajiv Srivastava, MD and CEO, Indian Energy Exchange-IEX resigned on August 24, who has now been made interim MD?

a. Mukesh Golus
b. Satyanarayan Goyal
c. Rajiv Asthana
d. Ayub Khan

Answer: b. Satyanarayan Goyal

– Satyanarayan is the current non-executive chairman of the IEX Board.
– He has now been assigned additional charge of interim CEO and MD.
– He was managing director and CEO of the company from January 21, 2014 to July 20, 2019.
– The Board of Directors of the Energy Exchange Board of India (IEX) has accepted Rajiv’s resignation.

Headquarters of Indian Energy Exchange: New Delhi

13. Former President of which country Pascal Lisouba passed away on August 24?

a. Chile
b. Cuba
c. Algeria
d. Congo

Answer: d. Congo

– He became agriculture minister after congo became an independent country in 1960.
– He served as president from 1992 to 1997.
– He served as prime minister during the presidential period of the Alphonse Masamba debate.
– The High Court of the Republic of Congo had sentenced Pascal Lisauba to 30 years for treason and corruption in 2001.

President of the Republic of Congo: Denis Sasso Gugeso.
Prime Minister: Clement Maumba.
Capital: Brazzaville

14. Who became the youngest writer to win the International Booker Prize?

a. Kalyani Srivasava
b. Marike Lucas Rijneveled
c. Alice Perry
d. Shalini Sharma

Answer: b. Marike Lucas Rijneveled

– The 29-year-old writer, Marike, is a resident of the Netherlands.
– The award is different from the original Booker Prize, which aims to encourage more publications of good novels around the world.
– On 26th August, Marike’s book ‘ The Display of Evening winner ‘ was declared.
– This book is based on the story of the farmer family of the Christian community.
– The prize money is 50000 pounds, which will be equally divided into writer and translator Michel Hutchison.
– This year, 124 books were in the race in the 2020 competition, which was translated into 30 languages.
– Every year, the award is given to the kalpnik narrative of any language.

Capital: Amsterdam
PM: Mark Rutte
Currency: US Dollar

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